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Hier vind je een taaloverzicht van ons cursusaanbod. Je kunt je inschrijven door te klikken op de oranje balk "bekijk inschrijfmogelijkheden", onderaan de cursusomschrijving.



Courses taught in English have the extension ENG.
If you want to enrol, please click on the title of the course, and then at the bottom of the page on the orange bar “Bekijk inschrijfmogelijkheden”.

The message “Er is op dit moment geen mogelijkheid om je in te schrijven…. etc” might appear. That means the course is not available right now. Please check again later.

If the course is available, you can enrol for it right there by clicking on the title of the course that is next to the (starting)date that suits you best. On your screen a window will pop up. If you want to enrol, please click on ‘Ik wil mij inschrijven voor deze cursus’. After that you are enrolled. A new window appears. It says that the enrolment has been successful and that you will get a confirmation of your registration by e-mail. After that message please click OK.

If you have any questions, please contact us on We will be happy to answer your questions.